Home Raised Beef

Our home raised longhorn beef is here in Northeastern Montana. The cattle are left to grow on what this country provides; anywhere from the strong summer grasses to the winter hay and cake supplement to see them through the cold. Longhorns are a slow grow cow, they fatten from the inside to out, compared to a commercial breed that fattens from the outside in. This gives longhorns the ability to store fat on lower protein feed making for a well marbled, lean beef and more protein in the package. Also, the beef that longhorns provide is some of the leanest on the market. If you had to cut beef out of your diet, you may be able to add it back in.

Check out TLBAA.org to find out more about longhorn beef, or give me a call to get the information on longhorn beef.

We will be selling longhorn beef in one pound packages, quarters, halves, whole, and on the hoof. Prices start at $3.95 a pound for burger, $6.00 a pound for roast, $13 a pound for steak, $12 a pound for brisket. Its not just beef, it is home raised longhorn beef from our family ranch to your family table.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

"Delivery Unit" 

"New York Strip"